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Includes departments of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

加拿大28预测 Master’s and doctoral programs, teacher preparation, undergraduate minor program and leadership training.

加拿大28预测 Includes departments of Bioengineering; Civil & Environmental Engineering; Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences; Industrial Engineering & Operations Research; Materials Science & Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; and Nuclear Engineering.

加拿大28预测 Includes departments of Architecture; Landscape Architecture; and City and Regional Planning.

加拿大28预测 Undergraduate degrees, MBA programs and executive education.

加拿大28预测 Graduate programs in information, data science, and cybersecurity.

加拿大28预测 Two-year immersive Master of Journalism program.

加拿大28预测 Offers J.D. and J.S.D. programs, and the first U.S. law school to offer M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in jurisprudence and social policy.

加拿大28预测 Berkeley’s largest college includes more than 60 departments in the biological sciences, arts and humanities, physical sciences, and social sciences.

加拿大28预测 Includes departments of Agricultural and Resource Economics; Environmental Science, Policy, and Management; Nutritional Science; and Plant and Microbial Biology.

Professional program for optometry.

Master’s and doctoral programs in a wide range of public health disciplines.

加拿大28预测 Master’s, doctoral and an undergraduate minor program in public policy.

加拿大28预测 Offering master’s, concurrent master’s, doctoral and credential programs.

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加拿大28预测Student-to-faculty ratio

17.8 to 1

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加拿大28预测Freshmen who are first generation college students